Montana Zero Emission

According to its objective and company strategy, in may 2012 Montana S.p.A. added a new Renault Kangoo Z.E. full electric to its car fleet in Milano. Renault has been chosen as today it's a landmark in the European electric mobility market, with a wide offer including an innovative battery rental business model.


Renault Kangoo Z.E. has won the “Van of the Year” 2012 award. The vehicle, powered with a 44 kW electric motor which delivers a constant peak torque of 226 Nm, has a combined-cycle range of 170km.
Unicredit Leasing is the financial partner. It did its first electric car leasing deal in Italy for this vehicle.


Montana will benefit from the pluses of having a zero emission car: cost/km reduced up to 80% compared to a fuel engine; car mantainance simplified and cheaper; full mobility in urban areas, free from constraints or any controlled traffic zone.



The car was presented on may 16th, at the Renord showroom in Sesto San Giovanni - Milano, with Montana, Unicredit, Renault and Renord representatives.